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Gas Connection Regulations in Scattered Household 2023

In response to the registration of gas connections for residents in new residential areas and considering our company's circumstances, this standard has been established as the standard procedure for registering gas connections for residents in new residential areas.

Registration Process

1. When registering for gas service, residents are informed by customer service personnel to addGreenState Gas public WeChat account, where they can upload their registration information.

2. Residents need to provide the following data for gas service registration, including photos of the meter and surrounding cabinet, pipe angles, water heater countertop openings, kitchen panoramic view, and kitchen door.

3. Customer service personnel, based on the "Urban Gas Design Code" and "Urban Gas Indoor Construction and Quality Acceptance Code," in conjunction with user registration information, determine whether it meets the gas connection conditions.

4. In case the initial review does not meet the gas connection conditions, customer service personnel would inform the user of the necessary corrections over the phone.

5. After the user completes the corrections, they must upload the photos to the public WeChat account again and confirm over the phone whether it meets the registration requirements.

6. For users who meet the initial review criteria, customer service personnel would inform them that the on-site gas connectionwill be completed with one month from the date of registration.

Gas Connection Procedure

1. Every Friday, customer service personnel transfer the registered gas connection information for the week to the Civilian Services Department.

2. Relevant personnel in the Civilian Services Department arrange the work plan for the second half of the month based on the registered information and ensure that users registered in the first half of the month complete their gas connections. (Users are notified two days in advance for the gas connection appointment)

3. Civilian Services Department personnel conduct the gas connection service at the user's location at the agreed-upon time.

4. For users where on-site inspection reveals non-compliance with relevant standards or require corrections before gas connection can proceed, Civilian Services Department personnel provide detailed information to users regarding necessary corrections and which gas specifications are not met. Users are then informed to re-register gas connection information with the company's customer service department after completing the corrections. Non-compliance cases are reported back to the customer service department.

5. Customer service personnel make notes on the registration information form for users who do not meet the gas connection conditions.

6. Users can call the customer service department to inform them of the correction status. Customer service personnel record the information on the registration information form and schedule the user for the next gas connection schedule.

Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd.

February 1, 2023