Boxing Huashen Gas Co., Ltd.

Boxing Hua Shen Gas Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and acquired by Green State Energy in 2013. It covers an area of 5200 square meters and employs more than 20 people. The company's current assets are 23.8 million RMB. It is located on the east side of 205 National Road and the northeast corner of Bocheng 3rd Road in the county seat of Boxing. It is close to the long-distance bus station.

Boxing Hua Shen Gas Co., Ltd. plays an important role in the energy structure adjustment and environmental improvement process in Boxing County.

Our company has more than 200 kilometers of high-pressure, medium-pressure, and secondary high-pressure main pipelines, with stations such as Jinjie, Xiangzhou, and Ganghua along the entire line. Currently, we serve more than 20,000 residential gas users and over 70 commercial and industrial users.

Our main gas supply areas include Boxing County urban gas users, Boxing Economic Development Zone, Dongying City, and users along the route. In 2022, the gas supply volume reached 58 million cubic meters.

The application of natural gas from our company has expanded from civil services to various fields such as industry, heating, and CNG refueling stations.

Our main customers include Shandong GreenState Gas Co., Ltd., Boxing Ganghua Gas Co., Ltd., Shandong Yongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., Lifenda Chemical Co., Ltd., Boxing Huafeng Board Industry Co., Ltd., and other users.

The company has always adhered to the safety policy of "safety first, prevention-oriented, and comprehensive management." We have established a sound emergency rescue and inspection and maintenance system. We continuously increase safety investments, improve the safety assessment system, enhance the frequency of household safety inspections, implement effective safety warning measures, and have been praised by city and county leaders on multiple occasions. We are constantly improving our service level, perfecting the customer service system, and implementing online gas purchase services, greatly facilitating gas users and earning praise from the general public.