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To carry out special inspection of gas safety

In order to implement the important work instructions of the leaders of the Safety Production Management Committee of Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. at the safety meeting, Learn the lessons learned from gas safety accidents, Prevent and eliminate gas safety accidents from the source, Firmly build a strong security line, In accordance with the requirements of the Safety Committee Rules and Regulations, Regulations on the Administration and Punishment of the Safety Committee formulated by Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd., Combined with the latest laws and regulations and industry standards, Organized the office staff of the safety management committee to carry out a special inspection of gas safety on the subordinate units.

According to the inspection standards, the office of the Safety Committee conducted a special inspection on the subordinate units according to a number of key inspection tasks:

1. Focus on checking each user's gas appliance connection hose and gas leakage alarm device whether there are potential safety risks;

2. Focus on checking whether the user uses the cooker that does not meet the national standards;

3. Focus on checking whether the user violation of gas, electricity and fire;

4. Focus on checking whether the user privately refit the gas facilities;

Focus on checking whether the safety exit is not reasonably set up; whether the evacuation passage is blocked; whether the fire safety responsibility is implemented; whether the fire fighting facilities and safety marks meet national standards and industry standards and remain intact.

During the inspection, the office of the safety committee, together with the professionals of the gas company, explained the correct knowledge of gas use, electricity, fire prevention and self-rescue to the principals of the enterprise, the gas manager and the users. Inform the responsible person of the hidden dangers on site to implement rectification according to the requirements, closed-loop management, and effectively promote the special rectification of gas safety to achieve practical results.