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Sign the "Safety Production Target Responsibility Letter" to implement the safety production responsibility system step by step

Tianjin In order to earnestly implement Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. and the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management", Tianjin GreenState Gas Company pays attention to the daily supervision of safety production to ensure that all kinds of safety accidents do not occur throughout the year. With each unit leader signed the "safety production target responsibility".

In order to implement the safety production responsibility system step by step, the Safety Production Target Responsibility Letter requires that:

1. All units guarantee to conscientiously implement the relevant laws, regulations, standards and rules and regulations of production safety formulated by the state, governments at all levels, work safety management Committee and Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd., and organize all the staff to study carefully;

2. Adhere to the "people-oriented, safe development" concept, strengthen the management of production safety, sign the "safety production contract" with all workers, and implement their respective rights and responsibilities and obligations;

3. Ensure the establishment and improvement of the safety production responsibility system, rules and regulations and operating procedures of the unit, and ensure that they are strictly implemented;

4. Ensure the formulation and improvement of the emergency rescue plan system, and carry out drills according to the regulations;

5. Ensure the establishment of production safety management organization, equipped with the number of production safety management personnel who meet the requirements of laws and regulations; consciously accept the supervision of governments at all levels, work safety management committee, the safety management department of the unit and all the staff and workers of the unit;

6. Safety production implements the management by objectives, requiring the layers to sign the safety production target management responsibility letter, the implementation of the safety production responsibility system, and the establishment of the "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end of the" safety management

Responsibility system;

7.All work should be deployed, planned, measured, implemented, inspected, summarized and evaluated, and archived, checked for reference and report as required;

8.Ensure the reasonable withdrawal and use of safe investment funds;

9.Ensure that the comprehensive safety inspection or special safety inspection is carried out according to the regulations, often participate in the safety inspection organized by the safety management department of the unit, carefully find and rectify all kinds of safety hidden dangers, and the rectification rate of safety hidden dangers is 100%;

10.Ensure the formulation of security inspection plans, plans and measures for gas users, and organize personnel to conduct household safety inspection of gas users, and meet the frequency and quality of responsibility targets;

11.Ensure that at least one work safety meeting every quarter;

12.Ensure that the safety production publicity, education and training work is planned and arranged, and according to the requirements, strictly do a good job of the safety education and training files;

13.Implement effective monitoring and monitoring of major hazard sources (or key parts); implement emergency measures for key parts and posts, formulate emergency rescue plans and conduct regular drills;

14.Ensure that the certification rate of the unit is 100%;

15.Ensure to adhere to the accident "four not let go" principle;

16.Ensure that the qualified rate of pressure vessels, pressure pipes and other equipment that must be forcibly verified is 100%;

17.To ensure that the safety facilities of the new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects must be designed, constructed and put into production and use at the same time as the main part of the project;

18.Actively promote the safety culture, and create an atmosphere of safe production;

19.Implement safety rewards and punishments, do a good job in performance appraisal, summarize and promote the advanced experience of safety production, commend the advanced safety models, and ensure the continuous improvement of safety management work;

20.Other safety responsibilities required by national laws and regulations and industry norms;

The person in charge of each unit said that they would earnestly fulfill the above commitments and accept the supervision of the safety production management Committee of Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd., the safety management department of the unit and all the staff.

Deepen the understanding of production safety and attention, deep feeling completes the safety production pressure and sense of urgency, strengthen safety management of organizational leadership, earnestly increase the intensity of safety work, step by step to implement the safe production responsibility system, establish and improve the overall safety production responsibility list, supervise the implementation of safety management measures, to ensure that the safety management responsibility goal success!