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Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. organized the "Kirin Cup" gas knowledge and skills competition

According to the annual work plan of TianjinGreenState Gas Co., LTD., in order to further enhance the gas knowledge reserve of employees and strengthen the practical operation capacity of gas equipment and facilities, the Safety Production Management Committee of TianjinGreenState Gas Co., LTD., has decided to organize the "kirin Cup" gas knowledge and skills competition.

"kirin Cup" gas knowledge and skill competition is a necessary project in the safety education and training work of TianjinGreenState Gas Co., Ltd. over the years, and is an important part of the enterprise safety culture.

In order to achieve comprehensive training and assessment, to create a positive learning atmosphere for the company's safety work, and effectively improve the gas safety skills of every employee. Each "Kirin Cup" participants will not be informed in advance. The day before the official competition, each unit draws from each other.

The assessment scope of the "kirin Cup" gas knowledge and skills Competition is composed of "theoretical knowledge" and "practical operation".

Theory, each unit worker familiar with the production safety law of the People's Republic of China, the urban gas management regulations on the production and business operation entity production safety accident emergency plan preparation guidelines "dangerous chemical enterprise special operation safety specification"  "urban gas design specification" gas project specification "urban gas distribution engineering construction and acceptance standards" and other national laws and regulations and industry standards in the theoretical knowledge.

At the competition site, "kirin cup" gas knowledge skills competition through simulation into the end user safety inspection scenario, requires each unit worker to master a line worker work specifications, including from the preparation before the safety inspection, worker behavior etiquette, work specification language, safety inspection workflow, indoor security hidden trouble to find, indoor equipment facilities custom transformation, safety inspection documents to fill in, safety knowledge propaganda work process.

For each contestant, the competition is not only the skills, but also the display of the potential of all aspects. By participating in the company-wide competition, they can learn the advantages of their opponents, find their own shortcomings and gain new experience in the process of mutual competition.

Through the "Kirin Cup", TianjinGreenState Gas Co., Ltd. can fully select the outstanding talents of the enterprise, set a work example for other employees of the enterprise, but also set up the skills of the daily work of the enterprise.