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Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. organized the quarterly safety evaluation work

In order to earnestly implement the important instructions of the company's leaders on safe production, according to the annual work plan of Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., LTD. Recently, Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., LTD. Safety Production Management Committee Office organized the safety management personnel of all units to carry out quarterly safety inspection work.

According to the "Safety Inspection and Management System", "Safety Production Management Measures", "Safety Production Assessment and Evaluation Measures" and other relevant rules and regulations formulated by Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., LTD.

The inspection team has conducted a strict inspection on each unit from the following aspects:

1. Basic data management, including the preparation of rules and regulations, operating procedures, fault handling manual, emergency plan and other institutional texts; and filling, reporting, filing of execution documents (record form, statements, documents, etc.) corresponding to the institutional texts;

2.Safety management, including safety inspection, hidden danger rectification, safety meeting, safety publicity, safety education, verification of facilities and equipment, project construction, emergency drill, execution, safety rewards and punishments, special equipment management and other management content;

3.Station management, including the station management system, staff management, explosion-proof management, lightning protection management, anti-static management, pipeline and safety ancillary facilities management, fire management, etc.;

4.In terms of pipe network facilities, including emergency rescue materials, pipe network inspection, management of third-party construction, inspection and inspection of gas pipelines (facilities), inspection and maintenance of valve Wells, and management, testing, maintenance, maintenance and transformation of pressure regulating facilities;

5.Gas user management, including the safety publicity and safety management of residential users, industrial users, commercial service users and other users.

Seasonal safety inspection has different priorities according to the seasonal characteristics:

1. Spring: to lightning protection, anti-static, anti-thawing, prevent building collapse as the focus;

2. Summer: focus on heat stroke, poisoning, electric shock and flood control;

3. Autumn: focus on fire prevention, explosion prevention, safety protection facilities, anti-freezing and insulation;

4. Winter: to fire prevention, anti-freezing, anti-skid as the focus;

The office of the Work safety Management Committee led the team to conduct a careful investigation on the important points of all units. In view of the problems detected, the rapid rectification was in place to eliminate the potential safety risks in the bud. At the same time, for catering users, safety education and publicity, requiring catering users to take the initiative to standardize the safety management of gas use, and implement the main responsibility of catering enterprises.

Through this quarterly safety inspection, the safety responsibility awareness of all units was further enhanced, and the dynamic management of gas safety was strengthened. All units will continue to improve the gas safety management, constantly improve the emergency management mechanism, and make every effort to ensure the stable development of the gas safety situation.