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Participated in the fifth National Gas Industry Vocational Skills Competition of the "Burning Association Cup"

Recently, Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. organized personnel to participate in the fifth "Gas Association Cup" National Gas Industry Vocational Skills Competition in Tianjin.

"Gas Association Cup" national gas industry vocational skills competition, is held by the Chinese city gas association to improve the quality of the gas industry worker team, promote the gas enterprise senior skills personnel team construction of national events, including "gas customer service staff of" contestants firmly abide by the "gas service guidelines" urban gas design specification "" gas project specification "urban gas indoor engineering construction and quality acceptance specification" gas conveying stainless steel corrugated hose and pipe fittings "" household gas combustion appliance installation and acceptance procedures and other standards, guidelines, specification in the requirements of gas customer service staff skills.

In terms of theoretical knowledge, contestants are required to master the relevant knowledge required by this type of work, including: the content and form of user service, service information, metering and charge, gas safety knowledge, safety inspection of user gas facilities and other contents;

In terms of practical operation, contestants are required to handle correctly: gas customer service service handling, civilized service and safety publicity; safety inspection of gas equipment and facilities, gas fee settlement and meter fault disposal, indoor pipeline system maintenance, meter maintenance and fault judgment; handling of indoor security hidden dangers, indoor pipeline system drawing, fuel appliance installation, safety accessories installation, etc.

After layers of selection, the contestants of Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. won the "gas customer service staff" group, and successfully participated in the Tianjin representative team, and prepared to participate in the national finals held in Longyan, Fujian.

In order to better participate in the final and show the excellent professional skills of Tianjin gas industry, under the organization and advocacy of the gas Association, the gas Association established a coach team composed of teachers with excellent theoretical level and rich practical experience to conduct theoretical and practical training for the contestants, and the overall level of the contestants has been greatly improved.

"Learn from hone —— ready to go", next we look forward to the Tianjin team of Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd., in the fifth National Gas Industry Vocational Skills Competition national finals, show the level, style, image, show excellent professional skills level, and achieve excellent results!