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Get Active and Stay Healthy

Due to the unique nature of the gas industry, employees in our company need to maintain a high level of vigilance and responsibility in their work. Over time, this can lead to high levels of stress. To alleviate this pressure, our company organizes various types of group activitiesregularly. These activities not only help employees release their mental stress but also strengthen the cohesion of the team.

1. "Charming Group Hike" Team Building

In this activity, employees embarked on a ten-kilometer group hike. They were divided into several teams that supporting and assisting each othertowards the finish line. While the hike is challenging, the employees work together with determination, ensuring that every member reaches the finish line.

2. Spring Sports Day

With the beautiful spring weather, it's the perfect time for a sports day. Our company coordinated with a local school and utilized their facilities on the weekend for a spring sports day. The event combined traditional sports with fun activities. Employees participatedit with passion, displaying great vitality and energy!