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Bringing Gas Safety Awareness to Every Home

Safety awareness is the first line of defense for gas safety. To strengthen gas safety management, eliminate safety hazards, and effectively protect the lives and properties of the general public, our company has conducted various forms of safety awareness campaigns.

1. Community grid member gas safety training

Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. conducted specialized training on gas safety knowledge for community grid members within its jurisdiction. Through vivid case studies, accident case presentations, and detailed explanations, participants were provided with comprehensive information on common gas risks, usage guidelines, gas safety inspection methods, and handling procedures. This activity enhanced their ability to identify gas risks and conduct hazard assessments.

2. Gas safety knowledge outreach in schools

Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. organized a "Gas Safety Knowledge Outreach in Schools" activity. They provided students at Wang Wenzhuang Primary School with explanations on precautions during natural gas use, methods for identifying safety hazards, and emergency measures in case of gas leaks. This activity gave the students a preliminary understanding of gas safety knowledge. The staff also distributed safety gas usage manuals and other promotional materials, encouraging the students to share this knowledge at home.

3. Gas safety campaign in communities

Staff members introduced basic gas knowledge and methods for identifying gas leaks in residents' homes during the "Gas Safety Campaign in Communities" activity. This strengthened residents' ability to identify gas leaks and provided them with detailed guidance on initial response in case of a gas leak emergency. By analyzing accident cases, residents' awareness of gas safety was further enhanced.

4. Safety checks for commercial and industrial users

Our company conducts safety checks for downstream commercial and industrial users. Industrial users are inspected no less than twice a year, while commercial users and welfare institutions are inspected quarterly. During inspections, immediate corrective actions are taken for any identified gas leakage hazards. For other issues, corrective notices are issued with a specified deadline. Additionally, during safety checks, users are educated on safe gas usage and provided with safety promotional materials. Together with the users, we ensure the safe usage of gas.