Business Details

Boxing Huashen

Employees from Customer Service Department of Boxing Huashen Gas Co., Ltd.'s conduct safety inspections for public and welfare users according to the company's plan. The inspection includes checking gas equipment, alarm cutoff devices, indoor pipelines, and gas environments, among other aspects, to ensure the users' safety. They also provide users with explanations of natural gas usage precautions, hazard identification methods, and emergency response procedures for gas leaks and other relevant safety knowledge. This helps users gain a basic understanding of natural gas usage, eliminate safety hazards, and prevent accidents.

Under the leadership of various levels of company management, the staff of the Operations Department strictly adhere to all regulations and rules, demanding high standards from themselves in all aspects. They consistently prioritize the normal operation of equipment, aiming to reduce maintenance costs and shorten maintenance hours. Continuous learning, experience gathering, and lessons learned guide their progress.

The work environment for operations staff can be complex, dirty, and tiring. However, every team member is diligent and hardworking, embodying a spirit of resilience and unity. They continuously enhance their professional ethics and skill levels. Their dedication lays a strong foundation for the department to complete production tasks on time and ensures the safe and normal operation of the company's facilities.

During inspections, patrol personnel noticed missing or damaged markers along the route. They promptly replaced and added markers, clarifying the identification of the natural gas pipeline's route. This action provides protection for the gas pipeline and ensures its safe operation.

These markers make the job of company employees conducting pipeline inspections more convenient and efficient. The markers have clear symbols and text, allowing personnel to easily understand the pipeline's route. This reduces the time required for each inspection, enhancing work efficiency. Additionally, these markers benefit construction personnel, as they clearly indicate the presence of natural gas pipelines, helping to prevent accidental damage during construction activities.