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Response from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to Whether it’s mandatory to have a door in the kitchen where a stove is installed

Gas users have always been very confused regarding whether doors are required in kitchens with stoves. The explanations given by gas companies in accordance with relevant regulations are always questioned because of their own interests. The picture above shows the clear explanation given by the official website of theMinistry of Housing and Urban-Rural Developmentof Harbin. The text reply is as follows:

Questions from the crowd:

Some netizen (Chen Yilong, Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province):

Hello, I would like to inquire about the installation and acceptance procedures for household gas burning appliances formulated by your department, regarding 4.2 stoves and 4.2.1 except for the room where the stove is installed. It shall comply with the provisions of Article 4.1.1 of these regulations and shall also meet the following requirements: 1. The kitchen where the stove is installed shall be equipped with a door and be separated from the bedroom, living room, etc. Is this a mandatory clause? If there is no doorinstalled in the kitchen, does the gas company have the right not to provide connection service?

Reply from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development:

1. According to Article 4.2.1, Section 4.2, of the "Installation and Acceptance Regulations for Household Gas Appliances" (CJJ12-2013), it is stated, "The kitchen where a stove is installed should have a door and should be separated from the bedroom, living room, etc." This provision is not mandatory, but it is a detailed requirement based on mandatory provisions in the comprehensive standard "Technical Specifications for Urban Gas" (GB 50494-2009), specifically in Section 8.2.2 and Section 2.0.12.

2. Section 8.2.2 of GB 50494-2009 states: "Gas appliances for residential use should not be installed in bedrooms. Gas appliances should be installed in kitchens or non-residential rooms with good ventilation and exhaust conditions." The definition of "non-residential rooms" according to Section 2.0.12 is, "Non-residential rooms refer to rooms other than bedrooms and living rooms (halls) in residences." This means that kitchens where gas appliances are installed should not be considered part of the space shared with the living room. If the kitchen lacks a door and is not separated from the living room, installing gas appliances in such a configuration would contradict Section 8.2.2.

3. The main purpose of these provisions is to spatially separate areas where gas appliances are installed from areas where people rest and gather to prevent the leakage of gas and smoke into living rooms and bedrooms, which could lead to fires, explosions, or poisoning, thereby maximizing personal safety.

In conclusion, having a door in the kitchen where a stove is installed is considered a mandatory requirement. Failure to comply with this requirement would not align with the mandatory provisions of Section 8.2.2 of "Technical Specifications for Urban Gas" (GB50494-2009).