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Sichuan Ruigong:The 33rd National "Energy Conservation Week"

July 10th to 16th, 2023, marks the 33rd National "Energy Conservation Week." In order to effectively improve the practical impact of the campaign, YS108h2 Trial Gas Recovery Station has created an energy conservation information board, which was placed at the entrance of the station during the event. The board focuses on promoting energy conservation, low-carbon practices, and everyday green knowledge. It emphasizes themes such as "saving a drop of water, a liter of gas, a unit of electricity, a drop of oil, and a penny of office expenses." The goal is to promote the habits of thrift and savings, discourage extravagance and waste, encourage the rational use of resources, enhance energy efficiency, protect the environment, and cultivate the idea that savings are honorable while wastefulness is shameful.

YS108H Trial Gas Recovery Station conducted various activities during the week, including "Firefighting Skills Competition," "Safety Knowledge Quiz," and "Air Horn Usage Competition." These activities not only enhanced employees' safety awareness and skills but also provided a platform for self-expression and teamwork, fostering camaraderie among colleagues.

To further improve emergency response capabilities and collaboration with Zhejiang Oilfield Corporation, a joint emergency drill was conducted under the guidance of an expert team. This drill demonstrated practicality and innovation, both in the composed response from commanding officers and the on-site emergency actions. The exercise enhanced the joint capabilities of the two units and showcased the station's emergency response competence.

Employees at the station also underwent systematic training on the inspection of positive-pressure breathing apparatuses, covering steps like checking air supply tube integrity, examining pressure alarm conditions, inspecting equipment for damage, assessing the full-face mask's condition, and reviewing the gas cylinder's status. This training not only facilitated the integration of new employees into the station but also ensured that they acquired practical skills and knowledge, promoting a sense of teamwork for future emergency responses.

Safety signs were posted by station employees within the facility to maintain constant safety awareness, contributing to the standardization and safety of station operations.

Within less than half a year of trial operation, YS108H2 Trial Gas Recovery Station received high praise during a visit from industry experts under the leadership of the station chief and management personnel. The station's standardized construction and personnel's emergency response capabilities earned unanimous acclaim.

Weekly safety production meetings were held to summarize issues from the previous week and plan for the upcoming week's work. Strict adherence to high-standard management systems guarantees the safe and smooth operation of the station.

YS108H2 Trial Gas Recovery Station is a gas recovery and utilization project located in Shizhu Village, Shangluo Town, Geng County. The project has a capacity of 20x10*Nm/d, with a total investment of approximately 108 million yuan and an area of about 12,000 square meters. The main process flow involves initial pressure separation at the wellhead, followed by acid gas removal, mercury removal, and dehydration. The gas is then liquefied using a liquefaction sled and transported for external use via LNG tank trucks. Key process units include natural gas filtering and pressure regulating unit, natural gas decarbonization unit, natural gas dehydration and mercury removal unit, natural gas refrigeration and liquefaction unit, and LNG loading arms. Auxiliary production facilities include the heat medium system, instrument air, and venting system, while supporting engineering comprises the power supply and distribution system, control system, communication system, and firefighting and drainage system. The facility is powered by the city's electrical supply.