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Shandong GreenState:Strengthening Home Safety Inspections to Ensure Safety

On July 13, 2023, the Safety Management Department of Shandong GreenState Gas Company conducted spot checks on the behavior standards and work quality of safety inspectors, emphasizing the importance of home safety inspections and improving the quality of such inspections to ensure their reliability.

The management personnel from the Safety Department conducted on-site inspections and assessments of the work of safety inspectors, including Dongfu Jiayuan Community and Lianglou Village, focusing on the quality of their on-site work.

In Dongfu Jiayuan Community, safety inspectors responded promptly to a user's request, conducted polite door-knocking, and displayed identification before performing a comprehensive inspection of the user's gas facilities. During the inspection, it was discovered that this user had been living elsewhere for an extended period but returned for some errands. A gas safety inspection notice from the gas company was found at their doorstep, thats why the user requested an inspection of their indoor gas safety condition, saying that, "I don't know when I'll be back next time, so please check for me, and I'll be more at ease."

In Lianglou Village, safety inspectors conducted safety checks on residential users' gas pipelines, gas stoves, gas meters, combustible gas alarm devices, and other equipment. During the inspection, they identified potential hazards like insufficient height for the gas alarm, and promptly carried out necessary rectifications, eliminating any safety risks. Additionally, safety inspectors provided residents with detailed information on gas usage precautions and safety knowledge, enhancing residents' safety awareness and emergency response capabilities.

Shandong GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of "safety first, customer foremost," providing high-quality home safety inspection services for residents. The company continuously enhances the training and professional competence of its inspection service personnel, improving service levels and quality to ensure residents' safety and satisfaction. Furthermore, the company actively collaborates with relevant departments to promote the development of the gas industry, making significant contributions to optimizing the business environment.