Tianjin GreenState Gas Co., Ltd. Jingwu Pressure-Regulating Station

The Jingwu Pressure-Regulating Station, under the jurisdiction of GreenState Energy, was established in 2002. Over the years, its mission has been to prioritize safe production, scientific development, and standardized management. It has been committed to ensuring the safe transmission and distribution of gas, and it has operated continuously and safely for 21 years.

As a major gas supply station for Xiqing District in Tianjin, it sources its gas directly fromChinaNational Petrolium Corporate. The station has a single-route design with a gas transmission capacity of 3 million cubic meters per day and 1 billion cubic meters per year. This capacity can meet the natural gas energy demand of Xiqing District in Tianjin for the next 10 to 15 years.

The distribution from this station radiates across the southwest half-circle of Tianjin, covering the "Three Towns, Three Parks, and One Zone." The "Three Towns" refer to Wangwenzhuang Town, Jingwu Town, and Liqizhuang Town. The "Three Parks" include Wangwenzhuang Saida Industrial Park, Jingwu Town Xuefu Industrial Park, and Liqizhuang Town Tianxiang Industrial Park. The "One Zone" is the Huayuan Industrial Area of the Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area. Currently, the station's annual gas transmission volume can reach 300 million cubic meters.

The station is equipped with an advanced SCADA station control management system, which monitors real-time operational data within the station and downstream key areas 24 hours a day. This allows for immediate response to any unexpected events, ensuring the safe and smooth operation of downstream operations. Over the years, the Jingwu Gas Station has undertaken the task of ensuring gas supply during the winter in Xiqing District, Tianjin, and has never experienced shortages or interruptions. It is designated as a key supply point in Tianjin and a model site for standardized management, providing strong energy supply and distribution support for the economic and social development of Tianjin.