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Safety Work Achievement Exhibition

1. Safety Meetings

We regularly organize safety meetings for all company personnel, including quarterly safety meetings, pre-holiday mobilization meetings, year-end summary meetings, and other special safety meetings. These regular safety meetings help us promptly summarize recent safety-related work, discuss solutions to identified safety hazards, and formulate guidance for future safety work based on the current safety situation. Through these meetings, we firmly instill the concept of "safety first" in the minds of all employees, ensuring the safety of our company's development.

2. Issuance of Documents by Superior Departments

In recent years, due to frequent gas-related accidents, superior government departments such as the Tianjin Xiqing District Urban Management Committee, District Safety Commission, Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, and the State Council have frequently issued important directives and guiding documents related to gas safety. Examples include the "National Urban Gas Safety Special Remediation Work Plan" issued by the State Council and the "2023 Special Action Plan for the Investigation and Remediation of Major Accident Hazards in Xiqing District." Our company attaches great importance to these documents, organizing meetings to convey the spirit of these directives to all employees and formulating comprehensive inspection plans in accordance with the document requirements. Regular self-inspections and special inspections ensure the smooth and safe operation of our company.

3. Training and Education

Up to this year, our company has conducted a total of 16 safety education and training sessions for all employees. These sessions include routine training on topics such as traffic safety, heatstroke prevention, lightning and flood prevention, as well as training related to legal regulations, company rules and regulations, emergency response plans, operating procedures, safety awareness, and sharing of accident case studies. Through these training sessions, we have strengthened safety awareness across the company, improved employees' knowledge and skills, ensured personal safety, protected company property, and enhanced our ability to promptly identify and communicate gas safety regulations in the face of external safety hazards, thus preventing accidents.

4. Emergency Drills

As of today, our company has conducted four special drills, including gas leak drills, fire drills, anti-terrorism drills, and flood prevention drills. These drills have enhanced the emergency response capabilities of relevant emergency teams within our company. This includes on-site vigilance, personnel evacuation, on-site rescue, first aid for injured individuals, hazardous substance cleanup, containment of risks, and the implementation of emergency response measures. Through these drills, we have practiced for real emergencies, ensuring that when actual accidents occur, we can respond calmly and systematically, minimizing company losses.

5. Safety Promotion

Our company has organized five major safety promotion campaigns this year, targeting different gas users (residential users, commercial enterprises, etc.). These campaigns have involved activities such as hanging safety banners, organizing community exhibitions, conducting hands-on fire extinguisher drills, and holding training seminars. They have received widespread acclaim.

Through these comprehensive and multi-level safety promotion efforts, we have increased the gas safety knowledge of all residents and users, strengthened their safety awareness, and equipped them with the ability to operate safely, understand safety measures, recognize potential risks, and take self-rescue actions. This has significantly enhanced the life safety and property security of downstream residents and users of our company.